Members of Associations and Clubs who partner with MAD Basketball receive subsidised rates of class pricing. This is because the Club or Association relationship with MAD partially subsidises the training cost.

Those persons who wish to register at a specific club or Association venue will be asked to pay any price difference between the subsidised class rate.  


  • Learn valuable basketball skills
  • Make new friends in a family friendly environment
  • Learn from the industry’s best coaches
  • Gain confidence on and off the court
  • Have FUN!


Hope Point Church, 42A Beale St, Georges Hall NSW 2198

Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design Seaview St, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203 (Entrance via Fairfowl Lane)


Sign Up Risk-Free. MAD is the only Basketball Academy in Australia to offer a 110% satisfaction guarantee.

After 10 years coaching and with over 1000 players having attended a MAD Basketball Academy Program, we have not had one player ever ask for a refund. 



7 Weeks – $119

This program is for young players of all ages, abilities and positions who want to develop their fundamentals, who are enthusiastic about learning to play basketball and who want to develop the skills to begin playing in a team. This is a great place for any player to begin their basketball education.

  • Learn proper shooting technique and mechanics
  • Learn how to make more layups
  • Learn how to dribble correctly
  • Develop good footwork
  • Ball Handling skills
  • Defensive skills – Team & Individual
  • Learn how to rebound
  • Passing
  • Cutting and moving without the ball


7 Weeks – $196

This is for SERIOUS PLAYERS that want to improve their game. You can play games anytime, anywhere. We want to show you the little details of the game that you need to become a great player.

The Advanced Development Program will transform and enhance your basketball performance, knowledge and leadership skills. The program aims to develop Smart, Strong and Explosive guards, who are the key play makers in a winning basketball team. The program is not restricted to just guards, we recommend this program to all players, of all positions who want to improve their basketball I.Q, decision making skills, mental toughness and overall skill set.

  • Learn the essential skills required to be a great player
  • Develop an aggressive, attacking mindset
  • Learn the qualities and leadership skills of a champion
  • Learn how to play with poise regardless of the situation
  • Learn the training techniques that pro’s use to become great
  • Learn how to be a defensive stopper and earn more court time
  • Learn basketball concepts that every player should know
  • Improve and refine shooting technique and mechanics
  • Learn how to work with screens
  • Develop good footwork and an explosive first step
  • Learn how to separate from defenders to get your shot off
  • Learn how to finish with contact
  • Learn how to finish in the key
  • Learn how to be mentally tough
  • Learn the skills needed to become a great ball handler