Elite. World-class. Phenomenal. Innovative. Challenging. Inspirational. Fun.
These are just some of the words used to describe MAD Basketball Academy, leading provider of elite basketball training for youth in Australia.


MAD Basketball Academy was officially founded in 2013 to provide a program for basketball players that could bring professional coaching techniques and training concepts that were reserved only for Elite Athlete and make them available to players of all ages & abilities.

The program initially began 10 years prior by Coach Marvin Bayer who developed the program, the program had humble beginnings with only 3 students, the training involved a player specific training program designed for each players individual needs, all 3 players went on to play College Basketball in America, 1 is a current NBL player and a National team player.


Headed by coach Marvin Bayer and entrepreneur Ronnie Khalil, the Academy takes a business-savvy approach to basketball training. Together, Marvin and Ronnie bring elite international coaching techniques and concepts to Australian courts, making professional training available to players of all ages and abilities.


MAD Basketball Academy prepares aspirational young players for professional basketball careers, both in Australia and overseas. Graduates have gone on to compete in the Australian National Basketball League, and at State and National level in the United States.


You don’t get star players without star training. MAD Basketball Academy takes an innovative, tailored approach to skills development, focusing on an individual’s strengths to help them reach their full potential.


Basketball success goes beyond technique. Players are provided with coaching around mindset and goal-setting, enabling them to achieve their dreams and enjoy increased confidence both on and off the court.


ronnie khalil mad basketball


Managing Director

With almost 15 years’ experience launching and managing business ventures, Ronnie has the entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen to drive MAD Basketball to elite success. His experience spans property development, manufacturing, design and marketing. During his career, Ronnie has helped many organisations to achieve success by focusing on building quality teams and firm business foundations.

Basketball has always been in Ronnie’s blood. He played from a young age and is now excited to help kids achieve their dreams – taking them all the way from early training to professional opportunities on an international level. Ronnie’s design agency also worked on branding for clients including Basketball Australia and the Australian National Basketball League (NBL).

Working with MAD Basketball, Ronnie has found a way to combine his passion with his extensive entrepreneurial experience. Combining commercial insight with a visionary approach, Ronnie is set to revolutionise basketball in Australia and drive MAD Basketball to global success.


Director of Basketball Operations

Marvin Bayer is the basketball guru of the MAD Basketball team. The story starts years ago when Marvin was coaching his own son in southwestern Sydney. Demand skyrocketed among local parents who loved his professional approach and innovative methods. Marvin’s training program grew into a unique basketball academy: MAD Basketball was born in 2013.

Marvin believes in a no-nonsense approach to basketball skills development, bringing all the best international techniques and research training to his Australian coaching academy. When he first started coaching, Marvin soon realised what local programs lacked and is determined to bring best practices and opportunities to aspiring young basketball players in Australia. Focusing on individual skills development, he utilises world-leading professional techniques to build each player’s abilities and confidence – both off and on the court.

At the start of the MAD Basketball journey, Marvin trained two boys and one girl. All three have now moved on to secure American college scholarships, NBL contracts, and play at a state representative level.


Marketing Director

Ehab Rashed a manager with 18+ years’ experience in leading and working with globally recognised companies across the sporting, home entertainment, digital, apparel, merchandising, sales, licensing, FMCG and production sector’s. Ehab brings to MAD Basketball Enhanced Marketing, business development, commercial management and event production skills that have generated an impact on the success of the business.

During his career Ehab has been involved with several well-known and successful brands on a global level such as Coca Cola, Star Wars, The Simpsons, and Disney. Combining his knowledge, experience, and the love for the game of basketball, Ehab’s main goal and objective is to direct MAD Basketball’s brand and image along with its reputation from a marketing aspect to a market leader in the sporting world.

Following a dream combined with a passion can only lead to great success. I feel the best is yet to come with MAD Basketball and this great journey has just begun.


Business Development Director

Karen’s mission is to focus on building an outstanding customer service experience and expanding our brand awareness, to make MAD an household name.

Karen is an avid player and coach with 25+ years’ experience with the game; She is current premier league player and women’s coach, and can be seen training and playing basketball throughout Sydney. Karen has a searing passion for basketball and the women’s game.

She is an advocate for the sport for young women and is a valuable asset not only for MAD, but basketball in Australia for women. Karen’s professional experience combined with her passion for basketball, women’s participation and her dream of expanding the sport in Australia.


AKA Hunter

How long I’ve been playing basketball: 13 years

Coaching Qualifications: Coach Hamer has a Sport Development Diploma along with a Sport and Recreation Administration Diploma. He also has a Certificate III in Fitness and a level 1 Coaching Certificate

Coaching Philosophy: He brings energy, passion, discipline and a strong work ethic as a coach because he knows those characteristic build successful athletes. He takes a lot pride in every athlete’s journey to succeed. When athletes are in a positive, passionate and hardworking environment, they succeed.

Favourite Basketball Player: Allen Iverson

Most Inspiring Quote: “You might be stronger than me. You might be faster than me, but you will not outwork me. You will not have more drive than I have; more passion than I have, and I will beat you every single day because I have passion.”


AKA Bongo

How long I’ve been playing basketball: Started when he was 16 and hasn’t looked back since. 8 years and still going strong. An enthusiastic, passionate, and energetic young coach who is great with young players.

Coaching Philosophy: Isaac has an energetic and intense approach to coaching. He enjoys the challenge of working with aspiring young athletes to become better each day so they can realise their goals.

Favourite Basketball Player: Lebron James for his professionalism on and off the court.

Most Inspiring Quote: “Slow feet, don’t eat.”



Coaching Qualifications: Played representative basketball from the age of 7 years and was a 2016 Under 16’s State Champion and a Bruins under 16’s Division 1 MVP. He is working towards building his dream of playing professional basketball.

Coaching Philosophy: Brought up around basketball from a very young age, he enjoys coaching and nurturing young players love for the game of basketball.

Favourite Basketball Player: Lebron James.

Most Inspiring Quote: “You have to be able to accept failure to get better.”


AKA Mazzy

Coaching Qualifications: Still early days for this future star but already a state representative player and a fun, passionate and focused coach, who is working tirelessly to improve his basketball knowledge. An avid basketball fan from a young age, he has set his heart upon playing professionally one day and is determined to reach his goals.

Coaching Philosophy: An avid basketball fan from a young age he believes on focusing on the joys of the game and through that getting everything he can out of his students. He has set his heart upon playing professionally one day and is determined to reach his goals.

Favourite Basketball Player: Damian Lillard

Most Inspiring Quote: “Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together.”